New Look For Wimbledon's Jimmy Spices

Broadway restaurant gets a re-brand

Wimbledon's Jimmy Spices is re-inventing itself as 'Jimmy's World Grill and Bar', as well as creating 20 new jobs.

The new look for the Broadway restaurant starts on Wednesday (March 28) when its multi-cuisine concept will concentrate on Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese and Indian food.

It will be the fourth Jimmy's World Grill and Bar to open in the UK, and the 20 new jobs are in addition to the existing 40 members of staff.

The 11,000 square foot family run restaurant will seat 350 customers over lunch and dinner sittings for two separate prices.

Restaurant manager Rajesh Selvaraju said: "We are keen to differentiate lunch and dinner. At lunch we offer a huge variety of dishes for a set price but our evening service is even larger, which is appropriately reflected in the price. Food is freshly prepared in the open kitchen or at the live stations for customers to tailor their dish to suit their needs."

From Wednesday (March 28) the restaurant will donate £1 from every meal to a local charity of their choice.

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March 22, 2012