Pre Cinema Steaks At Buenos Aires A Hit With All

Be sure to book a table as there was no room for walk-ins! 

Walking in to Buenos Aires may be a little off putting to a vegetarian, with cowhide decorating one wall, but the menu does offer a small choice for them.  However this really is a restaurant for the confirmed carnivore as the steaks are the main attraction!

The decor of this Argentinian steakhouse is a blend of city chic and an Argentine ranch, with wine racks along one wall, a red ceiling, the afore mentioned cowhide wall, & dark wood floors, table & chairs.  (The tables are quite close together in the Wimbledon branch -  I am not in a position to comment on SW6). I found the large dessert fridge on the counter a little off-putting if I was looking for criticism!

The waiter was friendly and quick to bring water and take our wine order - a bottle of La Noche de Juan, an Argentinean cabernet sauvignon, a red which improved with food (£26.95), wines start at £16.96. The service of food including the (huge) green olives 
(£2.95) was a little slower - but the restaurant was fast filling up and only 2 waiting staff on the floor.

No starters ordered, our steaks arrived - cooked perfectly. The 10oz rib-eyes were extremely tender and with very little fat, but quite pricey (£19.95).  The 8oz sirloin (£16.95).  You have a choice of chunky chips, french fries or a house salad.  The house salads were generous and my friends chips looked very appealing but they were not prepared to share!  

In addition we had a portion of sauteed mushrooms (£3.25) which were disappointingly dry, a portion of humita - creamed sweetcorn with melted cheese (£3.50) & a house salad which was very generous in size with asparagus, avocado plus the usual greens (£4.50).  Mustard was limited in choice to one - english but I do recommend the beetroot salt - yup claret red salt to intensify the steak.

No time for pudding we had a quick coffee  £1.50 - £2.50 and the bill (£83.27 per couple including two bottles of wine and service) before setting off to watch the award-snaffling The Artist - no space for cinema reviews here.  

Not a cheap night out but recommended if you appreciate a good piece of meat - all four of us found ours very palatable!   It certainly appears to be popular in SW19 as it was full as we left and again at 10.30pm when we passed by after the film.

Sandi Bloomfield

March 6th 2012

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