Lauristons Acquire Woollens Of Wimbledon

South West London estate agents has expansion strategy

South West London-based Independent estate agent Lauristons has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Woollens of Wimbledon.

The deal was made possible after Angela and Duncan Howitt, who founded Woollens 23 years ago, approached Lauristons.

Staff at Woollens, which had a town centre office on The Broadway, will now be working at Lauristons' new office in Kingston Road, Merton Park.

Matthew Payne, Lettings Director at Lauristons, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity and can only enhance the Lauristons brand. By continuing our drive to quickly grow the business, we are able to further develop our position in the local market places."

It is the second acquisition for Lauristons in a year, with further projects on the horizon.

Mr Payne said: "We've made no secret of the fact that we're keen to develop at two-proged expansion strategy where we are looking to open new offices to compliment our current locations as well as looking to aquire lettings and estate agency businesses in South West and South East London.

Lauristons themselves are part of the LSL plc group of companies who are funding this acquisition programme.

January 21, 2014