Emma Hamilton Pub Scheme Is Amended

Significant changes after local objections

Controversial proposals for a derelict pub site in Wimbledon Chase have been significantly changed following local objections.

The Emma Hamilton pub (left) in Kingston Road closed down in 2010 and developers had planned to demolish the pub and replace it with 57 flats and retail units.

Wimbledon Chase Residents' Association (WCRA) had been calling on Stadium Capital Holdings to moderate their plans for the five-storey block, which they felt was too large.

The developer's original image of the proposed development is on the left. But they have now drawn up new plans.

The WCRA say the latest proposals are a "big step" towards listening to the local community.

The WCRA say the changes are:

·      the reduction in height to very close to the height of the building that houses the Baileys garage

·      the removal of the commercial aspect and added traffic/loading that that would bring

·      the articulation of the massing (ie. it looks like four separate buildings with landscaping in between rather than one big building)

·      the fact that the front is set back by approximately 2 metres compared to the original scheme (and the tree planting that is proposed)

·      the preservation of the two trees at the front

·      the idea of mature tree planting at the rear in a further attempt to protect the privacy of those behind the development

·      the target market the flats will be aimed at (upper mid-market)

·      the brick-built fabrication in keeping with the local area.

The developers have produced a new set of drawings showing the new proposal with the original scheme shown as an outline in the background.

A WCRA spokeperson said: "it is a big improvement on the first scheme and the majority of the WCRA are guardedly positive about it. There are one or two refinements we would still like to see and we will be pushing for those with the developers".

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July 24, 2012