We Review Three Colours At The Polka

Summer performance gets top marks

Using light, colour and music The Polka Theatre and Norwich Puppet Theatre have created a wonderful interactive show to delight the senses.

Our journey began in a black and white room with crystals and music to create a sense of wonder. Shadow and colour were used throughout the performance to create the different settings.

We had fun in the snow and clouds, floated in the night sky with stars and swam with fish in deep blue sea. We watched frogs jump in the garden, heard the crackle of a fire and listened to a gentle heartbeat.

My daughter's favourite part was close to the end where the perfomers pretended to take bites out of huge strawberries on the screen and then created big splats/big mess all over the set!

The imaginary scenes merged seemlessly and were therefore constantly stimulating for the children, who were captivated throughout.

Puppets were used in an innovative and fun way. Special effects were imaginative and real (not too teccy!), and the children were given the opportunity to experience some of these at the end to see how they worked.

A wonderful sensory experience from beginning to end.

Review by Alex and Alice (aged 4), who highly recommend this show.

Three Colours runs at the Polka on the Broadway in Wimbledon until August 17.

August 12, 2013

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Three Colours at the Polka