Local Fund-Raising Buys Twin Cot

Gooseberry Bush reaches fund target

Wimbledon's Gooseberry Bush centre has reached its fund-raising target for the First Touch charity - more than enough to buy a twin cot (pictured right).

The Kingston Road-based cafe and therapy centre raised £2,216 after nearly a year of fund-raising with a variety of events.

First Touch is based at St George's Hospital in Tooting and supports babies and their families who use its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Angela Yates, who runs Gooseberry Bush, said: "Many thanks to all those customers who came along to our events and donated to our collecting boxes.

"Another big thank you to Amy our chef who cooked tirelessly as well as all the therapists and studio teachers who very kindly donated their time and energy to help out and make the events a success."

December 24, 2012