No Coronavirus Related Deaths For Five Weeks

According to latest figures revealed for St George’s Hospital

There hasn’t been a single death related to coronavirus at St George’s Hospital in Tooting for more than five weeks according to data released by NHS England.

The last confirmed death related to the virus was on June 13.

The hospital was hit hard by the pandemic, and has seen 295 coronavirus-related deaths to date.

But a hospital spokesperson today confirmed (July 23) that there are no covid-positive in-patients currently being treated in the hospital.

Just last month, there were 30 patients per week in the hospital with coronavirus, and six being treated in intensive care.

This was down from a peak of 304 patients per week on April 2, with a peak of 83 patients in intensive care on April 12.

At the Trust’s last board meeting in June, Robert Bleasdale, Chief Nurse and Director of infection prevention and control said the team were not relaxing just yet.

“Our forecast is that we will continue to plateau in respect of Covid-19 patients.

“As the current social distancing measures are eased, we will continue to track the impact closely on forecast demand, seven to 14 days in advance as part of the trust site operational meetings,” he said.

More than 1,000 people have now recovered from coronavirus at the hospital.

However the virus has had a significant impact on the trust’s finances, resulting in £6.6m being spent in April and May.

This was due to additional staffing costs to support increased intensive care capacity and cover for staff screening and isolating as well as increased cleaning costs and costs for testing


Sian Bayley - Local Democracy Reporter

July 28, 2020