How to Ease Your Festive Financial Woes this Christmas

And who can help tide you over

According to economic analysts, over 40 per cent of British people were in debt last Christmas, which means nearly half the population would have had trouble managing their Christmas costs. That New Year’s Eve hangover must have been particularly painful in more ways than one.

Falling into this category during the festive season is quite unfortunate, but sadly, it is a fate that will befall many more again this year. Christmas financial woes will of course threaten to bring your Yuletide cheer down a peg or two. However, there are some ways of easing the pressure in time so that you can truly enjoy your Christmas.

Budget in the run up to Christmas

You should aim to run a tight budget in your household in the lead up towards Christmas – starting in very late summer, ideally. Setting some time aside during early autumn at least to figure out how you can save some money will reduce the impact of potential debt looming over Christmas.

Ideally, you should get your entire family to help pitch in on this. All unnecessary costs should be cut out of your budget. Living on an austere budget in the run up to Christmas will mean that you will have a bigger pot of money when the time comes – which will help ensure a better time and bring some much-deserved festive cheer.

Knocking out small debts with instant loans

If you have some minor financial worries that are best rid of before you start forking out for gifts, you should consider getting an instant loan to help. Make sure you time it correctly and that you’re able to afford repayments before you commit.

For instance, if your boiler is on the verge of packing up and you can’t cover the repairs for a few weeks until you next get paid, it would be prudent to take out an instant loan. This way, you’ll be able to pay for the repairs and then repay the loan quickly on your payday. Knocking out these minor financial concerns is vital to have complete peace of mind by Christmas.

Don’t act late

Delaying your Christmas shopping often brings about last-minute panic-buying. Christmas has a tendency to creep up on you unexpectedly. Your gift list is going to be quite expensive unless you start making purchases early on.

There’s no such thing as being too early when it comes to buying Christmas gifts though. Do your shopping on the quiet and hide the gifts well! Pay attention to the hints your family members drop throughout the year and save big bucks by buying the items early.

By taking care of your financial woes well in advance of December, your Christmas will feel a lot better without these concerns buzzing around in the back of your mind. You won’t be able to truly enjoy the company of your friends or family at Christmas unless you sort your cash-flow problems out in time. You’ll find that your hangover won’t feel as intense as last year, too – if there’s even one at all.


January 10, 2014

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