Give Your Views On Wimbledon's Markets

Help plan for 2012 on The Piazza

Wimbledon's popular food markets on the Piazza could have a new focus next year and you are being asked to give your opinion.

The Town Centre Management team is in the process of planning the markets for 2012 and wants to know whether you like them, whether you want more or less, or even something different.

For the past eight years, they've held five 3-day markets through the year. They have included French, Italian and Continental, with a focus on food.

Now a survey has been set up to ask you want you want from the town centre markets.

Wimbledon Town Centre Manager Tracy Francis said: "As we plan for 2012, we need to know whether you - the residents, visitors and workers in Wimbledon - want them at all, want them more, want them less or want something different."

To give your opinion, start the short survey from this link.

November 8, 2011

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