Local World War One Commemorative Event

Merton will remember them

A special commemorative event will take place at Morden Park bandstand on Saturday (August 2) to mark the centenary of Britain joining the First World War.

Called Merton Remembers, the Merton Council-organised event will begin at 11am and is open to all.

Professional narrators will bring to life the mood of Britain during 1914 as the country went to war at 11pm on August 4 that year.

The council has commissioned a specially scripted piece focusing on events at the Home Front in Merton and on the Front Line. Music will be provided by the critically acclaimed Regent Brass and community choirs will perform choral works. Volunteers have been called on to be part of the performance.

People wishing to go to the event are encouraged to take something comfortable to sit on. They are also welcome to take a picnic for after the commemoration.

Borough Armed Forces Champion Councillor Maxi Martin said: "It is right that we remember the millions of men from Europe, including Britain, as well as all those from across the Commonwealth who went to war to fight for our freedom. Many of them paid the final sacrifice and died fighting and many more were wounded. We also remember the families they left behind who had to cope in unimaginably difficult circumstances. It was a time of disruption and of huge cultural change, the effects of which we still feel today."

July 29, 2014