Alexandra Nears The End Of Global Mountain Challenge

Mission to tackle highest mountain on each continent

Wimbledon-based photographer and mountaineer Alexandra Nemeth is nearing the end of her quest to reach the summits of the highest mountain on the world's seven continents.

Alexandra, who lives in Worple Road, has already completed five of the summits in her Seven Summits Challenge. So far she's tackled:

Mt. Elbrus 5,642m / 18,510ft, Russia - EUROPE, June 2014.
Kilimanjaro 5,895m / 19,341ft, Tanzania – AFRICA     September 2014.
Mt. Vinson 4,892m / 16,050ft – ANTARCTICA   November and December 2014.
Mt. McKinley 6,194m / 20,322ft, Alaska - N AMERICA, June 2015.
Aconcagua 6,961m / 22,838ft, Argentina - S AMERICA, January 2016.

Next up is Mt. Everest 8,848m / 29,029ft, Nepal – ASIA, in April and May.

Finally, she'll tackle Carstensz Pyramid 4,884m / 16,024ft, Indonesia – OCEANA.

Photographer Alexandra has been taking some striking images during her challenge, with some of her past adventures featuring on her website:

If you are interested in being part of this incredible journey through your support, please contact Alexandra directly on 07886 877 900.

January 6, 2017

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Alexandra running the 2015 Richmond Half Marathon