Wimbledon Village Road Restriction Trial

Aim to cut down on 'rat-running'

A six-month trial of road restrictions around Wimbledon Village is set to take place in early 2013.

The scheme is being proposed for the "Belvederes" group of roads in an attempt to cut down on 'rat-running' in the area.

The trial will affect seven roads in the area - St Mary's Road, Alan Road, Belvedere Grove, Belvedere Avenue, Belvedere Drive, Highbury Road and Woodside.

It will involve various new 'no entry' roads and restricted left and right turns. The restrictions will be enforced by mobile CCTV vans.

Merton borough council has sent a letter to affected residents, asking them to comment on the proposals before July 9.

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  • The council is also proposing reducing traffic speeds and generally improving safety around Burghley Road, St Mary's Road and Church Road by changes including the introduction of speed humps and re-location of parking bays. Residents have also been sent a letter and have until July 16 to comment on their proposals.

June 29, 2012