Wimbledon Unemployment On The Rise

Latest figures are released

Unemployment in Wimbledon rose by 9% in 2011, while the jobless rate for young people in the area rose by 39% in the year.

Recent figures from the Labour party show 1,059 Wimbledon residents were claiming Job-Seekers Allowance (JSA) in December 2011 – up from 973 in January 2011.

National unemployment figures released by the Office for National Statistiscs earlier this month show the rate was standing at 8.4% of the economically active population in the three months from October-December. At the same period in 2010, the national unemployment rate was 7.9%.

A Wimbledon Labour spokesman said: "Youth unemployment in our area is up 39%, and there has been a 350% increase in young people claiming Job-Seekers Allowance for more than six months. Also there has been a 39% rise in the number of over-50's on the long-term claimant count."

The details are below:

Overall Unemployment in Wimbledon Constituency

Jan 2011               Dec 2011

973                         1,059

Youth Unemployment

Jan 2011               Dec 2011              % annual change

155                         215                         38.7%

Young people (18-24) claiming JSA for over 6 months

Jan 2011               Dec 2011              % annual change

10                           45                           350%

Over 50s long term claimant count

Jan 2011               Dec 2011              % annual change

70                           90                           28.6%

January 26, 2012