Tennis Star Challenged By Wimbledon Tram Inspector

She had failed to 'touch in' her Oyster card

British tennis star Anne Keothavong has criticised tram staff after she failed to tap her Oyster card when she boarded a tram at Wimbledon.

The British number three was then challenged by an inspector to prove she had paid for the journey as she travelled from Wimbledon on the tram. 

Keothavong, aged 29, said she tapped her card to get into the station, but failed to tap in again on the platform – claiming she did not know she had to.

She was taken off the tram for a warning, and staff accepted her explanation.

She said on Twitter: "So, I've just been marched off the tram like a criminal coz I didn't realise I was meant to touch my Oyster card on the platform.

‘I touched it to get into the station and then planned to do the same at my destination. Thought that was all u had to do?"

Figures have shown that Wimbledon station is the eighth most likely station for Oyster cardholders to be overcharged.

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November 30, 2012