Be Alert During Your Wimbledon Coffee Stop

Police issue advice to local shoppers

Wimbledon police are warning shoppers to be vigilent with their bags when stopping for a break, as thefts in local coffee shops are on the increase.

They say thieves are currently targeting Wimbledon town centre, stealing money, handbags and mobile phones.

Wimbledon Town Centre Team Police Sergeant Tony Oram said: "We have recently found that thefts in coffee shops are on the increase, and are working hard with shop staff to deter criminals looking for an easy target.

"We urge customers to keep their valuables out of sight or with them at all times. Do not tuck handbags under a chair, where you can't see it, and definitely do not leave your mobile or iPad unattended on a table if queuing up for a coffee."

He issued the following advice to reduce the chance of being victim to an opportunistic thief:

1) keeping your valuables in view or secure with you at all times

2) never leave property unattended, even for a moment

3) do not tuck handbags or laptop bags etc under chairs

4) if you see someone hanging round a table, or watching someone else’s property - tell staff or say something!

5) protect your valuable property via the secure property website

6) make a record of your mobile’s IMEI number by typing in *#06# (star hash 06 hash)

Contact your local Merton police or Safer Neighbourhoods Team by dialing 101 or visit for more advice.

In case of any emergency requiring immediate police attendance, always call 999.

October 17, 2011