Be Alert To Fake Meter Readers

Burglar poses as British Gas worker

Police are urging Wimbledon residents to check the identity of doorstep callers after a man posing as a meter reader is thought to have burgled three homes.

The suspect has told the residents he is from British Gas and needs to come in the read the gas meter. He then asks them to stay downstairs while he goes up and steals their property.

The incidents all took place on Friday August 17 - first in Denmark Road, Wimbledon at 1.45pm; then in West Barnes Lane at 3.30pm; then in Cottenham Park Road, Raynes Park at 4.30pm. He also returned to Denmark Road on Saturday morning.

The suspect is described as a white male with ginger hair aged between 20-33 years old, slim build, and was wearing jeans and blue shoes. He was with another male who was driving a white transit van.

A police spokesman said: "We urge residents to remain vigilant at all times. If anyone comes to your home unannounced, always remember to ask them for photographic ID before letting them in.

"Genuine callers will not take offence to this, and if you are in any doubt or are concerned, call police on either 101, or 999 if it is an emergency."

August 21, 2012