Wimbledon Civic Theatre Trust Relaunches Education Programme

New projects will be "bolder and more exciting"

The Wimbledon Civic Theatre Trust (WCTT) has re-launched its educational programme to offer more exciting and bolder projects.

It wants to engage a wider proportion of the local community, and hopes the new programme, run by specialised practitioners, will further drive its main age range of 11-18 year olds and young adults to take part in the theatre-based classes.

With 1,023 young people taking part in last year's programme, the core educational programme is an essential part of the trust's interaction with the community.

It says the re-launch aims to provide a range of new, exciting and inventive education projects that offer young people a safe, secure and supportive environment in which they can develop their creativity, grow in confidence and learn how to relate better to others.

The WCTT will continue to run established programmes such as Just Dance, Theatre Summer School, and will introduce new programmes such as, Theatre Masterclass, aimed at both young adults and students in secondary school.

The programme will encompass a number of different classes such as Performing Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Song writing, Adult Acting and Directing for Adults, all of which will take place throughout 2013. The trust hopes to extend the range of classes and broaden its reach and appeal, boost attendance and increase the community’s awareness of the trust.

As well as introducing the Theatre Masterclass programme, the WCTT is developing a regular programme of activities to take place on a continuous basis throughout the year. Courses will include creative writing, poetry, playwriting, comedy and clowning and improvisation classes.

Mike Rappolt, chairman of WCTT, said: "We are very excited about extending our core educational programme to encompass a more diverse range of programmes that aims attract all different kinds of people and at all different ages.

"The trust has been going from strength to strength and the fact that we are now able to extend our offering to a broader range of people within our community and with a fantastic group of professional practitioners, is truly great. 2013 feels like the perfect time to broaden our horizons; with our presence growing on social media sites, we are striving to become an integral part of our community."

For further information on the core educational programmes, visit: http://www.wctt.org.uk.

May 7, 2013