Teenage Mental Health Is Focus Of Wimbledon Conference

Event complements Wimbledon College's own initiative

The Wimbledon-based teenage mental health charity, stem4, held their first Parent Conference on teenage mental health at Wimbledon College.

The conference complemented Wimbledon College's own school-wide, ‘Changing Minds’ initiative and aimed to provide parents with the latest information on mental health trends and highlight steps they can take to enhance mental wellbeing and resilience.

It also aimed to identify and access help for common mental ill health problems in children and young people.

The audience of more than 140 people had to opportunity to hear professional views and personal accounts, to reflect on ways to build rapport with their children and to ask questions and have open discussion.

Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist who is also the founder and CEO of stem4 said “I am delighted that we have had such a positive response to this conference since I believe it’s really important for parents to be informed on how to identify mental health difficulties early and take preventative steps. We are very grateful to Wimbledon College for hosting us as part of their innovative ‘Changing Minds’ programme.

One parent who attended the conference said: “It was fantastic to hear first hand experiences from a number of different perspectives: young people affected by mental illness, their carers, their siblings, people affected by various different mental health issues and I loved the model of having theory followed by a talk, as well as practical advice”.

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April 14, 2017

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Paul Fitcher, Head of Year 12, Wimbledon College, Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Founder of stem4, Michael Maitland, stem4 ambassador, Miriam George, parent from Leicestershire and Iain Maitland, author of the book ‘Dear Michael, Love Dad’.