Wimbledon Sunday Street Cleaning Cutbacks

Town centre cleanliness is being monitored

Wimbledon's streets are being cleaned less on a Sunday after cutbacks by Merton Borough council.

The town centre service street cleansing rota operating from 6am-8pm on Sunday has been reduced, although the council says a mobile team will clear litter bins when required.

A number of over-flowing town centre bins have been reported at weekends and Helen Clark Bell, Love Wimbledon BID manager, says they are monitoring the cleanliness of the town centre.

A council spokesman said: "There is no change to the Saturday town centre street cleansing rota and we do evening and night sweeps on Saturdays and Sundays.

"Our Sunday service has been reduced between 6am and 8pm. Although the Sunday service has been reduced slightly, we are maintaining a presence through the day and have a mobile team operating who can empty litter bins when required."

Helen Clark Bell said Love Wimbledon had agreed a plan with the council about the best use of the resources and added: "We are of course continuing to monitor the cleanliness of the town centre every day of the week to ensure standards do not drop."

March 20, 2015