Wimbledon's Two Large Ladies Are Back Home

Statue unveiled by the Mayor

Wimbledon's much-loved statue, Walking Women, has returned to Centre Court Shopping Centre, following concern the artwork had disappeared for good.

The sculpture was moved from its normal location outside the Rotunda entrance near the station when improvement work began earlier this year. 

But Mayor of Merton, David Williams, unveiled the sculpture in a slightly new position on Tuesday (June 12) - see right.

The 8ft high bronze sculpture, created by Andre Wallace, was unveiled at the opening of Centre Court Shopping Centre, in September 1992.

The artwork is of two larger-than-life women, who appear to be striding purposefully towards you when you encounter the sculpture, striking a pose which is left up to the viewer’s own interpretation.

The sculpture was specially designed for the site following Andre's selection from a competition held by Speyhawk Retail Plc in Autumn 1991. It took the artist six months to complete the two figures before they were cast in bronze by Meridian Fine Art Co. Ltd.

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June 13, 2012

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