Traffic Ban Ahead Around Several Wimbledon Schools

Term-time scheme will see restrictions during drop off and pick up times

A number of Wimbledon schools will be taking part in a school street scheme from September, which will see cars restricted during the school’s morning drop off and afternoon pick up times, during term times only.


Merton council has received two funding announcements from TfL to fund the work – the first was for £85,000 from TFL, followed by a further £126,000 to bringing the total number of streets up to 28.


As part of the scheme, vehicles will not be allowed to enter the street at these times unless they have been granted an exemption.


Residents who live in the roads will be allowed access, as will teachers and those with special needs children who need to be driven to school.


Councillor Martin Whelton, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Housing and Transport, said: “We are delighted that Merton has received further funding of £126,000 from TFL.


"This takes our total funding from both TFL and the Government to nearly £450,000.


"This is just wonderful news for hundreds of families and children across Merton who will now be able to have safer and healthier journeys to school.


"We are determined to reduce congestion and improve air quality around our schools to encourage families to ditch their cars and make walking and cycling the preferred mode of travel.


"The new funding will enable us to roll out an ambitious programme across Merton, which will build on the four existing School Streets schemes we successfully introduced last year."


The 28 schools being introduced to the scheme include the following in the Wimbledon area:


-All Saints, Wimbledon

-Saint Mary's, Wimbledon

-Pelham, Wimbledon

-Joseph Hood, Wimbledon Chase

-Wimbledon College

-Poplar, Wimbledon

-Merton Park Primary

-Rutlish, Wimbledon

-Hollymount, Wimbledon

-Ursuline, Ursuine Prep and The Hall, Wimbledon

-Holy Trinity, Wimbledon

-Garfield, Wimbledon

-Ricards Lodge and Bishop Gilpin, Wimbledon

-Wimbledon Park Primary.


July 17, 2020