Showcasing Youth Work In Wimbledon

ROOM Exposed at the John Innes Centre

A cultural event showcasing the youth work, arts and sports activities recently took place at the YMCA John Innes Youth Centre in Wimbledon.

The public was invited in to get a glimpse of what goes on at the Youth Centre in Kingston Road and to have a look at the modern and multifunctional facilities - including a lounge, music studios and a sports hall.

The main part of the 'ROOM Exposed' event was dedicated to celebrating and honouring the young people and the volunteers who attend the Centre on a regular basis.

Sam Baker, Conor Brentford, Woody Wasey and Jeremy McAlister (pictured right) were honoured with the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards for their contribution to Sports Room and Music Room.

Anna Harris, Head of Youth Work at YMCA London South West, said: "They are friendly, encourage others to take part and engage and go the extra mile in helping with the clubs. Jeremy and Woody volunteer with Music Room activities as well as take part themselves. Also, they are very welcoming to newcomers.

"Sam and Conor are about to become young leaders at Sports Room due to the way they have matured and ‘given back’ to the project".

Following the Jack Petchey Awards ceremony, the Iceolators provided the live music. The four piece rock band from South West London; consisting of the two Jack Petchey winners Woody and Jeremy, alongside band mates Szilard and Jack, entertained the audience.

Later this summer, the band will be representing YMCA London South West at the YMCA As One Festival, which is taking place near Birmingham on June 14 and 15.

The ROOM Exposed event ended with the announcement of the winners of the Young Photography Competition.

The winner photo in the Regular Camera category was captured by Fabienne Daldy and depicted a young, homeless person (see bottom image). Fabienne had written this caption for the photo: "My photo shows the problem of homelessness is closer than we think. The refection of the family home in the glass shows the contrast between a family environment and a young person alone. I chose this theme because although we live in a rich area I still see people homeless".

Winner of the Mobile Camera category was Olenka El-Kadiri with an atmospheric photo of trees and a field in morning mist (see middle image). Olenka’s caption read: "No one's futures are secure or clear, you can only see what is given in front of your eyes".

Anna Harris, Head of Youth Work at YMCA LSW, was extremely impressed with the young people showcasing their talents in music, arts and photography at the event. She said:
“ROOM Exposed is a great opportunity for the young people that use our facilities at John Innes to showcase for their parents and friends what they do here, the skills they have developed here and the bonds of friendship they have formed here."

May 20, 2014