Wimbledon Roofer Leaps To His Death

Inquest hears he couldn't stand his excessive sweating

A Wimbledon roofer jumped to his death because he could not live with his excessive sweating, a court heard.

Mitchell Hewett, aged 32, tidied his flat then bound and gagged himself before leaping from his third floor balcony in Durnford Road, Wimbledon.

He was trying to find a girlfriend and visited his GP in the months leading up to his death, complaining his clammy body was making him feel anxious and suicidal.

Mr Hewett had lost his job and became "reclusive" in the year before his death.

He left his flat "immaculate" - aside from the tape and twine he used to bind himself. Mr Hewett left clothes drying and an iPod on charge, the inquest heard on Wednesday (August 26).

August 27, 2015

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Mitchell Hewett