Rape Suspect Is Arrested In Wimbledon

Man is arrested at roadside checkpoint

A man has been arrested on suspicion of rape after he was stopped by police at a roadside checkpoint in Wimbledon.

The arrest was made as part of a major day of action against criminals using roads across the capital.

It was the 10th day of co-ordinated action being carried out as part of Operation Cubo.

Across London they stopped 536 uninsured cars, made 65 arrests including others for firearms offences and money laundering, and recovered two loaded firearms, crack cocaine and a large quantity of cash.

Police have not released any more information about the arrest of the rape suspect.

Operation Cubo was launched by MPS Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe eight months ago to target criminals and disrupt their activities by denying them the use of London's roads.

Launching the initiative, the Commissioner stated that approximately 80 per cent of uninsured drivers have a criminal record, with many actively using their vehicles to facilitate their offending. Uninsured drivers are also five times more likely to be involved in collisions and less likely to have vehicles in a roadworthy condition.

Head of Operation Cubo, Commander Steve Watson said: "We are targeting criminals by denying them the use of the roads so it's much harder for them to commit crime. We're also helping to make London's roads safer as uninsured drivers are more likely to have collisions and less likely to have road-worthy vehicles.

"Over 26,000 vehicles have now been seized since we began our initiative and hundreds of criminals arrested. Cubo uses highly visible, but effective tactics that captures criminals in the act and deters their offending, while reclaiming London's roads for responsible and law-abiding drivers."

June 22, 2012