Residents Claim Wimbledon Rail Yard Causing Noise And Fumes

Neighbours claim there was a sudden change of use

Residents on a quiet Wimbledon road say they’ve been forced to endure noise, fumes and pollution from a neighbouring railway yards since a change of use in April.
People living in Cochrane Road concerned by the sudden change in the use of the nearby Colas Rail yards, contacted the local Lib Dem group about the issue.

A number of public meetings were then co-ordinated with one of the yards’ new tenants, to try to agree some reasonable usage. This resulted in an ugly fence being scaled back, and some changes in the work carried out on part of one of the yards.

But residents are claiming problems in the yard (pictured right) still persist. 

Cochrane Road resident Hattie Weeks said: “I have lived in my property since 1984 and the yards have always been very quiet, and primarily used for storage. We now have constantly beeping trucks and forklifts by day and up until 8pm at night.

“We have large flatbed trucks loading and unloading hard-core, creating clouds of  dust, and enormous  amount of crashing and banging and now we have skips filled with what looks like cuttings from trees. 

“My asthma is worse than it has ever been at this time of year and there does not seem to be any progress in regard to the health and safety of those living around the site.”
Dundonald Lib Dem Anthony Fairclough said: “We’ve been trying to find out what – if any – planning restrictions there are on the use of the yards. Merton Council has been little help, I’ve been simply passed from pillar to post whilst residents like Ms Weeks are suffering.

“I tried involving the councillor in charge of planning, and although he told me he’d instructed council officers to reply, several weeks have passed and still there’s been no real answer. I’ve made a formal complaint, but we shouldn’t have to wait for that. Merton Council should be helping residents – at the moment, they’re not even bothering to try to fob me off”. 

Merton Council has been approached for a comment.

October 20, 2017