Wimbledon Schoolchildren Targeted By Robbers

Police issue warning after robberies

Police have issued a warning after a spate of robberies against schoolchildren in the Dundonald area of Wimbledon.

There have been four robberies around Dundonald tram stop and Dundonald Park where youngsters have been approached by older youths who demanded they hand over cash and phones.

Dundonald Safer Neighbourhoods Team carried out plain clothes patrols in the area and, as a result, two local youths have been arrested and charged with a robbery where a knife was intimated.

Another youth has also been arrested and is on police bail pending further enquiries in relation to another robbery on Dundonald ward where again a youth was forced to hand over his belongings with a knife being mentioned.

Sergeant Jeff New said: "Whilst it is good news that arrests have been made I am well aware that such schoolboy robberies are under reported to police and that there are other individuals out there who believe it is acceptable to commit such crimes.

"I would ask that residents advise their children to be more careful about where they use their phone and where they frequent. In addition in the event of an incident that they advise their children to go into a local shop or knock at a nearby address and ask the occupants to call police. The sooner they call 999, the greater the likelihood of us catching those responsible.

"I would also ask residents to register their property via the immobilise scheme (www.immobilise.com) which in the event of your phone, cycle or any other item of property with a serial number being stolen greatly increases our chances of reuniting you with it and securing criminal charges against those responsible for taking it.

"One mountain bike or mobile phone even if you know the colour make and model looks exactly the same as another and is not readily distinguishable as yours. The scheme is user friendly and free."

October 29, 2010