Learn More About Your Camera With A Historic Wander Around Wimbledon

Early morning photography class for beginners

Limited spaces are available for a friendly early morning photography class for beginners on Saturday July 23. 

It will visit historic sights in Wimbledon Village and on the Common, to learn about cameras and basic photography skills. 

Meet: 7am at the War Memorial end of High Street Wimbledon Village (free car parking, right near the bus stop or lock up your bike). 

After a quick introduction you'll walk to the Buddhapadipa Temple practising composition and landscape settings. From the temple you will cross back to Wimbledon Windmill and drop down to Queensmere Pond. You'll talk about aperture, shutter and iso and put it into practise. 

Whilst the group wanders across the Common, tutor Alex Nemeth will tell stories of the area. You'll head towards the Italian Garden in Cannizaro Park to experiment with macro photography before taking more photos around Cannizaro House. If the sun is too harsh at that point you'll switch to black & white photography. 

Finish at 10am-10.30am: Coffee at the Dog & Fox - optional.

What to bring: Your camera (can be compact digital or DSLR), large memory card, len(es), tripod or monopod (don't worry if you haven't got one), small bottle of water and a smile.

What to wear: Comfortable walking shoes and layered clothing.

To book fill out the online form: http:// alexfineartphotography.com/ photography-walking-tour-wimbledon.

July 7, 2016