Sensory Music Workshops For Wimbledon School

Pupils get chance to explore sounds and melodies

Sensory music workshops for visually impaired and multi-disabled children at a Wimbledon Park school have been helping them explore musical instruments.

The Music Makes Sense project, run by the creative art charity - Create - has supported the teaching of music already in Linden Lodge School.

It has enabled the children to explore music and the instruments themselves over fortnightly workshops.

During the school's dedicated 'Sensory Art Week', Create led a week-long creative programme, building on previous workshops.

Music Makes Sense enabled the children to discover instruments ranging from the tuba to the drums, the piano to the saxophone.

Working in groups of six to eight, they experienced the instruments played professionally, and created their own sounds and melodies.

Organisers said these activities allowed the children to explore their creativity collaboratively in a safe, familiar environment, whilst helping them to feel valued and raising their self-esteem.

'Sensory Art Week', which involved all 145 students at Linden Lodge School in Princes Way, culminated in an interactive sharing of their music to each other.

April 22, 2014