Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond On Merton Adult Education Plans

MP asks for answers from local councillors

Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond said: "It is now a week since the Call In meeting and the council has not provided any evidence to back up its plan. At the meeting Cllr Holmes demolished Cllr Whelton’s supposed financial rationale for the decision and Cllr Whelton was forced to admit there had been no proper financial analysis of the alternative options. In any other situation that should have been enough to ensure further scrutiny took place but to their shame the four Labour councillors just voted with the party whip.

"It is time for Martin Whelton and the Council to come clean.  His plans will shut down the service, there are no alternatives!  There are now rumours circulating that all along the Council intended to sell Whatley Rd or gift it to someone else. So I have written an open letter to Cllr Whelton giving him the opportunity to tell everyone what is really happening":

Dear Cllr Whelton,

After last week’s call in of Merton’s plans to close Merton’s Adult Education, whilst you made many comments key questions remain unanswered. I think it is only fair to the users of MAE that you answer the following questions.

Can you explain why no financial analysis of the options has been undertaken as per Simon Williams response to questions at the meeting?

At the meeting you stated that there were no alternative plans for Whatley Avenue. Can you confirm this is still the case?

Can you confirm whether or not that Harris Academies have been told by LBM officials to look at Whatley Avenue as a potential site for their proposed free school?

I look forward to your response.

Stephen Hammond MP

December 11, 2014