Jail For Wimbledon Man Who Robbed Women At Gunpoint

Robber points a gun at his female victims

A Wimbledon man has been jailed for eight years after admitting two armed robberies involving threatening his female victims with a gun.

Kieron Rowe, aged 26, from The Broadway, approached his first victim - a woman in her late 40s - as she walked back to her home in Tooting at about 6.30pm on July 26.

Kingston Crown court heard he approached the woman and walked past her. He then turned round and, from only a foot away, pointed a handgun directly at her head.

He pushed the victim against some bushes and when she screamed he threatened to shoot her if she did not keep quiet. He demanded her handbag and snatched it from her arm and then made off.

Rowe's second offence came only days later. On July 28 at 11.30pm, a 30-year-old woman was walking from Tooting Broadway Station, when she heard the sound of a pedal cycle approaching from behind.

Rowe was on this bike and he rode past the woman and then stopped. He pointed a gun at the victim's chest and demanded her bag. However the victim did not have any cash, so Rowe told her to give him her bank cards.

He took the cards and then also demanded the PIN number for the cards, which the victim gave him. Rowe told the victim she would have to come with him to the cash point, but as he walked back to his bike the victim used the opportunity to run. It was later found that £700 was taken from the victim's account before the cards could be cancelled.

Detectives from Wandsworth CID had soon linked the crimes and established the same person was responsible. One possible lead, was that the second victim had told police that the bike the robber was using had a basket on the front. What Rowe did not know, was that a Police Community Support Officer had seen Rowe using this bike months before and recorded the information.

Rowe matched the description of the gunman and he became a prime suspect. He was arrested for both offences, but denied any involvement in the crimes. However, both of the victims were able to pick him out as the person responsible at an identity parade. On July 30, Rowe was charged with both crimes and he pleaded guilty in court today (January 14).

Detective Constable Aled Thomas of Wandsworth CID, said: "This man terrified two women with a handgun for his own selfish gain. The long sentence he received is totally justified and should warn others of the consequences of gun crime. I would like to thank both victims; it was only with their co-operation that we could bring this man to justice. I would also like to thank our PCSO colleague, whose vigilance helped us swiftly identify Rowe as the person responsible."

January 14, 2015

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