Wimbledon Graffiti Eyesore Is Removed

Clean-up for railway path into the town centre

Long-standing graffiti on the wall of Wimbledon's Tuition House has been removed and the wall restored to its natural brickwork in work organised by Love Wimbledon in partnership with local business Wimbledon Offices Ltd.

For years the wall on Tuition House has been an eyesore for train passengers and pedestrians taking the shortcut known as ‘railway path’ from the railway bridge at Merton Hall Road, as they come into Wimbledon. 

Hardly a positive welcome into town, the wall had over five layers of paint built up from years of neglect. Taking matters into their own hands, Business Improvement District ‘Love Wimbledon’ arranged for the wall to be cleaned with the financial support of Wimbledon business Wimbledon Offices Ltd, owners of Tuition House.

BID Manager Helen Clark Bell commented “Wimbledon is an internationally recognised place and our businesses and residents want a town centre to be proud of. Working with Wimbledon Offices Ltd, a long established Wimbledon business, we have jointly paid to have this unsightly graffiti removed. This is part of our continued plan to make Wimbledon graffiti free and keep it clean.”

Clean walls and buildings signify a cared for and safe town centre. Moving forward, Love Wimbledon have had a special coating applied to the wall to ensure any future cleaning is easier to undertake and they will be working with Merton Council to ensure any future incidents are removed promptly around town. 

November 6, 2015

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Before: Tuition House wall

After: BID Manager Helen Clark Bell and Wimbledon Offices Managing Director Jean Taylor