Medals For Wimbledon Fencers

Surrey event at Wimbledon College

The Surrey County Fencing Union Novice and Intermediate Championships at Wimbledon College on Sunday (November 30).

This is an event for less experienced fencers to compete against their peers. The Novice category is for people with up to three years experience and the Intermediate category is for people who have not achieved a high national ranking or previously won any county competitions.

Forty fencers of all ages from 13-65, took part from clubs all over Surrey in foil, épée and sabre.

Eight Wimbledon fencers won medals. Kate Downer Silver in the Novice women's foil, Erin Golden Bronze in the Intermediate Women's foil, Hilmi Sergen Gold and Fabian Worthington Silver in the Novice Men's Foil, Rachel Carter Gold in the Novice Women's Epée, Michael O’Keefe Bronze in the Novice Men's sabre, Christopher Micklem Silver in the Intermediate Men's Epée and Mark Richardson Gold in the Intermediate Men's sabre.

Jill Farmer from Surrey County Fencing Union, who organised the competition, said: "All the fencers were able to enjoy a full programme of fencing, in either one or two of the categories. The outstanding result was the Novice epee gold medal won by school boy Nelli Pravin, in his very first competition."

If you'd like to learn fencing Wimbledon beginner's foil course is starting in February 2015. Click here for details.

Surrey County Fencing Union Website

December 5, 2014

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Wimbledon's Richard Ramsey scores the first hit in this novice foil bout.

Some of the Wimbledon medalists: L-R Michael O'Keefe, Rachel Carter, Mark Richardson and Christopher Micklem.