Wimbledon Schoolboy Devises 'School Run' App

'Ecomumy' impresses Wimbledon MP

King's College sixth former Andrew Christopher has launched his own app, aimed at making the school run more efficient and eco-friendly.

His app - ecomumy - allows parents from the same area to interact and identify other parents whose children attend the same or adjacent schools.

They are then able to build a reliable and secure social community centred on helping each other with the daily school run.

The Wimbledon schoolboy recently met local MP Stephen Hammond (see right) to discuss the launch of ecomumy.

Mr Hammond, MP for Wimbledon, said: "I was very impressed by Andrew’s innovation which could have an incredibly positive impact on the environment and be beneficial for hard working parents.

"I know that for many the school run can be a stressful endeavour due to the large number of cars on the road. However, by providing the right tool that allows parents to interact and fully utilise the number of seats in their cars, I am sure that ecomumy could revolutionise the school run."

Andrew is currently looking to take ecomumy to the next level, and as such, as entered the app into the CHEST competition - a European Union-led initiative which provides a forum enabling to innovators from across Europe to propose solutions to key social challenges and provide competition winners with the support to put their ideas into practice.

May 12, 2014

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