Police Seize Dog After Reports Of Attacks

Action taken after two cat deaths reported

A dog which residents say has terrorised their neighbourhood has been seized by police in Wimbledon.

The dog - thought to be a Staffordshire bull terrier - is said to have been responsible for the deaths of two cats and has also attacked at least two dogs.

In one incident, the pensioner owner of one dog fell to the ground as he tried to protect his pet. He had to be taken to hospital afterwards.

Police say they first had report of the attacks on two dogs and a cat around Melbourne Road, Wimbledon, on April 10.

They posted some flyers through doors warning people in the area about the dog and worried residents also started their own poster campaign.

But one family's pet cat, Milo was killed by the dog on April 21.

One neighbour involved in the local poster campaign, said: "Milo was an adorable cat, a real community cat who everyone knew. But he was savaged and killed by this dog. I also believe there have been incidents reported since December."

A police spokesman said: "On April 10 Merton Police received reports that a dog had attacked two dogs and a cat. Police obtained statements from all witnesses. On April 24 a warrant was obtained and a dog was seized.

"The dog is currently at a secure location off the Borough of Merton at the Police Dog Status Unit. Investigations are still ongoing and Merton Police will release follow up information as soon as possible."

April 26, 2012