Police Issue Wimbledon Crime Warning

Baby buggies and thefts from cars

Merton police have issued an alert over thefts of baby buggies and thefts from cars in Wimbledon.

Police covering the Trinity ward area of Wimbledon warn there have been thefts of a number of baby buggies from outside people's homes.

They warn a few have been taken despite being left outside for as little as 10 minutes.

A police spokesman said: "Please always make sure that your buggy is not left unattended outside your house unless it is securely locked even if this is for a few minutes."

And in Merton Park there have been five thefts from cars in roads surrounding the ward in recent weeks.

Registration plates are the most common items being stolen, followed by mobile phones, and satellite navigation systems. Tools from unlocked vans are also being taken.

Police have one-way screws available which assist in preventing number plates being stolen. You can ring them on 0208-721-2451 or email mertonpark.SNT@met.police.uk.

  • Meanwhile, police arrested two men who had been seen attempting to break the lock on a blue bicycle from the cycle rack opposite Wimbledon Police Station in Queens Road whilst a third man acted as a lookout. The third man has now also been arrested. Searches of their addresses recovered the bolt croppers believed used to break the cycle locks and five bikes, of which three have been identified as having been stolen locally

May 29, 2011