Wimbledon Common Golf Club Pioneers Use Of Anti-Covid Coating

Camp Road facility is first golf club in the country to use antimicrobial product

Wimbledon Common Golf Club bar

Wimbledon Common Golf Club has become the first golf club in the country to use Nanospike – a special antimicrobial coating they believe is helping to keep their Camp Road clubhouse Covid-secure.


Applied to virtually any surface, including equipment, furniture and touch points, the coatings developers claim it creates an “inhospitable environment for viruses and bacteria by impaling them on microscopic nanospikes, which penetrate and destroy membranes.


It’s said to last for 90 days and isn’t affected by regular cleaning cycles – with only abrasion able to remove it.


Emma Pope, Wimbledon Common general manager, said: “We have taken every step we can to ensure that our club house is Covid-secure, and this seemed a logical extra level. 


“We got the whole bar area treated; the process was very simple and it dried quickly. The coating is so thin you can’t actually see it’s there.”


Chris Hutber, one of Nanospike’s founders, added: “This is a really exciting technology that will make our clients’ equipment and premises safer for them and their customers. 


“Unlike disinfecting, Nanospike provides protection for up to three months, and so gives people confidence that the surfaces they are touching are being kept hygienic. It’s not just a once off clean, the microorganisms continue to be eliminated all day every day.”

October 5, 2020