Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Will Help You Forget Your Cares

Review: You'll be smiling throughout this production

If you want to get away from your cares for a few hours and watch a show that will have you smiling from curtain up to down, then book your tickets for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at New Wimbledon Theatre.

This colourful production offers something for all the family – singing, dancing, romance and an uplifting story. It’s hard to come away from it without feeling a bit more cheerful than when you stepped off The Broadway and into the theatre.

Of course you’ll be familiar with the story from the famous 1968 film starring Dick Van Dyke, but you won’t quite remember it all and it’s a delight to be reminded of its twists and turns. There are also a few surprises and special effects to add to its magic.

The younger ones in the audience will have no idea about the original film, but it was wonderful to see them captivated by this compelling piece of theatre.

The two youngsters in the cast – Jeremy and Jemima Potts (the children of widowed inventor Caractacus Potts) – were admirably portrayed by Henry Kent and Lucy Sherman. They proved to be talented singers, dancing and actors.

The rest of the cast were no shirkers on their feet either - including Grandpa Potts played by Andy Hockley - with one of the highlights being the ‘Me Ol’ Bamboo’ song, with most of the men in the company performing a fast-moving morris dance.

It goes without saying that one of the stars of the show is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang herself, and there’s a bit of stage trickery that makes her float and fly.

Caractacus Potts is played by an energetic and convincing Lee Mead, who is gradually swept off his feet by Carrie Hope Fletcher as Truly Scrumptious.

To add to the sometimes pantomime-like atmosphere of the show, there’s an evil baddie – the scary Childcatcher, with a chilling performance by Matt Gillett (right).

Michelle Collins as Baroness Bomburst and Shaun Williamson as her Baron are almost as good a double act as spies Boris and Goran. They really will make you laugh every time they appear!

By Sue Choularton

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July 21, 2016

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Pictures by Alastair Muir