Easter Smartphone Fun With The Wimbledon Chicken Game Challenge

Chance to pick up free chocolate and win prizes

A chirpy chicken game using your phone will unlock Easter hotspots around Wimbledon to win prizes and pick up free chocolate from local businesses.

You can download the app with a link from the Love Wimbledon website and use your smartphone to play the game and progress through the fun challenges and quiz questions to earn points, and get yourselves ranked on the leaderboard.

The Chicken Game challenge is open to everyone from tomorrow (Saturday March 24) to Sunday April 15.

You can play as many times as you like and points can be redeemed for giveaways and there are two overall family prizes to play for.

To get started, download the app ahead of time, preferably on WiFi to ensure smooth install, go Wimbledon town centre to find a ‘Hotspot’, then gain points and pick up your prizes on the way.

The game takes around one-two hours to play. See if you can rank top of the leaderboard and enter a draw for top prizes!

March 23, 2018