Let Tennis Fans Camp In Your Garden

Cash in on world's focus on SW19

Wimbledon residents with garden space can cash in on the influx of tennis fans to SW19 with a website offering pitches for campers.

At this late stage, with practically no traditional accommodation left, gardens are said to be in demand for tennis fans.

CampInMyGarden.com founder Victoria Webbon had the interests of locals and visitors in mind when she came up with the website idea.

She said: "Living close to a popular event site can be frustrating, with extra traffic and crowds. This is an easy way to turn it to your advantage without disrupting your home life.

"Garden camping makes tennis at Wimbledon and other London events accessible to a wide range of visitors who might not otherwise be able to afford the experience."

People renting out their garden space can charge more for extras such as access to a bathroom, use of wifi, facilities to wash and dry clothes and providing meals or picnics. Depending on the space available, you can play host to one or several tents at a time.

June 22, 2011