Wimbledon Cake Artist's Charity Design

Marie Curie's teapot is re-created - in cake!

Wimbledon cake artist Jacqui Kelly has created a life size cake of Marie Curie's famous teapot logo, including the pouring daffodils.

Her design was used for Oak Furniture Land to pay tribute to the charity when it opened its new Croydon store (right) on Saturday (June 28).

Jacqui (pictured below), who runs Totally Sugar, has given us these details about her amazing sculpture:

  • The whole cake is edible
  • The tea pot is moist ginger cake with caramel buttercream
  • The base cake is a rich Belgian chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge ganache
  • There are 18 eggs in the cake
  • The tea in the tea cup is homemade chocolate as is the yellow coating on the teapot - so almost 4kg of chocolate in the tea cup and tea pot
  • There is an internal structure to hold up the tea pot but her lips are sealed as to how as it takes away the magic!
  • It took 3 hours to bake, 2 hours to fill & carve, 3 hours to make the flowers and around 7 hours to decorate and create the inscription - and a really long time to devise how to make it work!

Oak Furniture Land commissioned the amazing confectionery creation to celebrate the opening of their new Croydon Superstore on the Purley Way Retail Park, and to support Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party Appeal and the work they are doing to fund vital nursing care for people with terminal illness.

Karen Green, from Marie Curie's South East Fundraising team, said: "We were delighted to take part in the official opening of the new Oak Furniture Land store, and wish them every success for the future.

"The cake tribute is a wonderful gesture to support our Blooming Great Tea Party and highlight the work we do to fund and support nurses caring for people with terminal illness.  We are aiming to beat the 6,500 tea parties held last year, and the cake will take centre stage at the Gift for the Future and Blooming Great Tea Party event at Brooklands Motor Museum next week."

July 1, 2014

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Left to right: Lynn Marsh, store manager Kenneth Clinton, Karen Green