Women In Court For Mis-Using Blue Badges In Wimbledon

Motorists fined after using Blue Badges which were not their own

Two women have been fined for misusing Blue Badges which were not their own, to enable them to park in restricted locations in Stanley Road and Compton Road, Wimbledon.

After pleading guilty at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court in Battersea, Mrs Qureshi, aged 56, of Stroud Road, Wimbledon, paid £75 for each of the four offences plus costs amounting to a total of £730.

Mrs Rovinalti, 36, of Queenstown Road, Battersea, paid £50 for each of three offences plus costs totalling £530, after Merton Council took enforcement action.

Merton Council cabinet member for finance Councillor Mark Allison said: "We always work to be fair with our parking policy but we will take enforcement action against people who wrongfully misuse Blue Badges.

“Parking spaces are at a premium in London and Blue Badges allow people who are not very mobile to park in convenient locations. So we can be fair, we have to ensure the badges are correctly used so those who need this concession, have it.”

Blue Badge

November 23, 2017