Wimbledon Couple Getting Buzzzzy With Bees

Duo aim to raise funds for local bee hives

A Wimbledon-based couple have re-launched their own crowd-funding initiative to start a bee hive in a local apiary.

Karine Fischer and Arnaud Robert (pictured right while building hive parts) need to raise £1,000 by March 16 to have enough funding for their new project.

If they succeed, they will set up the hive in the Morden Park area, where the bees can find a large variety of forage and have easy access to water.

They point out that 75% of all food crops require pollination and honey bees contribute heavily to this process. But a 2014 study revealed that nearly 30% of honeybee colonies died in the UK during the winter of 2012-13.

The couple, who have followed 18 months of training with a local beekeeping association with other courses, will give various quantities of honey to backers of their crowdfunding initiative. This starts from 1lb of honey over a 2-year period for a £10 pledge.

For more information, check out their crowdfunding page here: Buzzing Hive Project on Crowdfunder.

March 6, 2015