Wimbledon Couple Getting Buzzzzy With Bees

Duo aim to raise funds for local bee hives

A Wimbledon-based couple have launched their own 'crowdfunding' initiative to start two bee hives in a local apiary.

Karine and Arnaud (pictured right while building hive parts) need to raise £2,300 by February 13 to have enough funding for their project.

If they succeed, they will set up the hives in a local apiary, where the bees can find a large variety of forage and have easy access to water.

They point out that 75% of all food crops require pollination and honey bees contribute heavily to this process. But a 2014 study revealed that nearly 30% of honeybee colonies died in the UK during the winter of 2012-13.

The couple, who have followed 18 months of training with a local beekeeping association with other courses, will give various quantities of honey to backers of their crowdfunding initiative. This starts from 1lb of honey over a 2-year period for a £10 pledge.

For more information, check out their crowdfunding page here: Buzzing Hive Project on Crowdfunder.

February 6, 2015