Tip For Merton Party-Goers

Survey shows most don't know how much they drink

Now the festive season is here and Christmas parties are underway, a survey has found most Merton office workers are unaware of how many units of alcohol they are drinking.

As part of its "be social, be sensible, be safe" campaign run in conjunction with Wimbledon's pubs and bars, Safer Merton has conducted a survey with office workers from around Merton.

The survey found more than 90% of people asked are underestimating how many units are in a large glass of wine and nearly 70% don’t know how many units are in a pint of strong cider, beer or lager.

The survey also highlighted that almost 60% of respondents are likely to use alcohol to have more fun at their office Christmas parties.

Close to a quarter admit to having done something they regret as a result of drinking at a work Christmas party and about 5% say they can’t remember.

The 'be social' campaign aims to encourage people to make the most of the local nightlife and have fun this festive season, but to also think about what they are drinking, look after themselves and ensure they can get home safely. More than half the people asked said they use public transport to get home after a big night out and 40% pre-book a taxi, however almost 25% stated they walk, 7% hail a mini cab and 10% stated they get home "however they can".

With these stats in mind, working with pubs and bars in Wimbledon, Safer Merton is urging revellers to get home safely, and advises adding the 'CabWise' text number 60835 to your mobile to make sure you have a safe option whatever happens.

This year's be social' campaign links in well with the ongoing cross-party overview and scrutiny task group who are looking at late night drinking in Wimbledon and hoping to identify how local residents and businesses are affected by drinking in Merton’s town centres. Merton council is carrying out a survey on late-night drinking - for more click here.

Councillor Edith Macauley, Merton Council cabinet member for community safety, engagement and equalities, said: "Christmas is a great time to get together and have fun with friends and colleagues. Our 'be social' campaign is about telling people to make the most of it and enjoy Merton’s nightlife but to do so in a responsible way, which keeps them safe and ensures they get home safely.

"Merton is one of the safest boroughs in London, but we know that alcohol related behaviour is a concern for residents. With campaigns such as this and the ongoing scrutiny review, we hope to address issues and make sure everyone can feel safe and enjoy the town centres at Christmas and throughout the year."

For more tips and advice on having a safe night out go to www.merton.gov.uk/besafe.

Councillor Macauley is pictured above (right) with Jessica Ponnampalam, Terrace bar manager and Merton Police Chief Superintendent Dick Wolfenden.

December 10, 2010