Join The Wandle Trust River Rangers

Help monitor invasive species on the River Wandle

The Wandle Trust is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join their River Rangers team and help monitor invasive species on the River Wandle from its source to the Thames.

The team of trained recorders will survey the entire length of the Wandle three times a year, building up a picture of where the invasive species are and how well our management efforts are working in controlling them.

The River Rangers training session on August 19 will cover: What make a good biological record, how to identify invasive plants, the ecology and biology of invasive species in London and the importance of biosecurity.

Following training, River Rangers will be unleashed on the Wandle three times a year to map invasive species through the different growing seasons. Data will be uploaded online to LISI – London Invasive Species Initiative.

So if you are interested, send an email to or call Polly on 07833 497 599 for further details of the training session. Please note, booking is essential.

August 6, 2015