What Do You Want Merton Council To Review?

Put your ideas to the scrutiny panel

Merton residents have until March 31 to send in ideas about a local issue or service they feel needs to be reviewed by the council's overview and scrutiny panel. 

The panel carries out reviews of issues and services every year that affect people living in the borough. Past reviews have covered topics like improving the uptake of childhood immunisation, climate change and school places.

All suggestions will be put to the scrutiny panel at their next round of meetings in June where they will set out their programme for the year. The chosen reviews will then be carried out over a six to nine month period, during which time scrutiny will speak to local people and organisations to get their thoughts on how the service under scrutiny could be improved.

Scrutiny panels look at how council policies will effect residents and examine decisions before they are made by the cabinet. Residents are welcome to attend meetings, which are split into four areas; children and young people, corporate capacity, healthier communities and older people, and sustainable communities.

Chair of the overview and scrutiny commission, Councillor Peter Southgate said: "Scrutiny panels hold the cabinet to account and play a key role improving and developing council services. If you think there is a local issue or service that needs to be looked at and discussed, please get in touch with Merton’s scrutiny team.£

To submit an idea for a review, fill out the online suggestion form at www.merton.gov.uk/scrutiny.

February 25, 2015