Common Is Venue For Varsity Cross Country Matches

Current standing of historic race is finely balanced

The historic Varsity Cross Country Match will take place on Wimbledon Common on Saturday December 7.

It'll be the 123rd match since the series started in 1880, and it'll involve eight men from Oxford University racing against eight men from Cambridge.

The number of wins for each side is currently tied at 61-61, and the previous result was won by the slimmest of margins. So it should be a thrilling race!

There's also a women's race, with six competitors from each university. The overall standing in that is currently 23-14 to Oxford.

The men's race is 7.5 miles long, and the womens is 4 miles long. There is also a supporters race, in which anybody can run, although the majority of the runners are affiliated with Cambridge, Oxford or Thames Hare and Hounds (the host).

The course has been run on over several routes since it begun - moving to Roehampton after organisers sought a neutral venue in 1890. It has taken place on Wimbledon Common since the 1970s.

A number of top athletes, including Roger Bannister, Chris Brasher, Herb Elliott and Stephanie Cooke have taken part over the years. Click here for more information on its history.

The supporters' race starts at 1pm, the ladies go at 2pm, and the men's race is at 2.45pm. All races start from the Richardsons Evans Memorial Playing Fields.

November 1, 2013