Wimbledon Rescue Cats Are Best Of Friends

Bromance blossoms between Roscoe and Favio

Two inseparable rescue cats - one nine-week kitten and one very nervous Burmese pedigree - have developed a bit of an unlikely friendship.

Roscoe, the black-and-white kitten, arrived at the RSPCA's Wimbledon branch at the end of March as part of an unexpected and unwanted litter of kittens.

​His littermates were all lucky enough to find homes and so he was not left alone in a pen, he was placed in the same enclosure as Favio, a two-year-old who was rescued from a very large multi-cat household in Kent at the beginning of March.

Branch manager Laura Morgan said: "It is like a blossoming bromance between these two unlikely friends.

"Roscoe is very cheeky, playful little thing - typical of his age. Favio, on the other hand is extremely nervous and under socialised, which is hardly surprising considering where he came from.

"The pair have very different backgrounds and temperaments but to our surprise, and delight, they have very quickly become BFFs - eating, sleeping and playing together.

"It is as if they complement each other perfectly and give each other confidence - despite being chalk and cheese."

May 7, 2015

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Best friends Roscoe and Favio