Going Undercover At Wimbledon's YMCA

TV's Undercover Boss features local charity

Staff at Wimbledon's YMCA were featured on the popular C4 show Undercover Boss on Tuesday (August 12).

Senior Director of HR at YMCA England, Bims Alalade, investigated how a recent funding crisis is affecting the largest and oldest youth charity in the world.

Bims wanted to know how budget cuts of up to 80% have impacted the organisation and the brand, and went undercover to work alongside staff from YMCA London South West, YMCA Warrington, Sussex YMCA and YMCA Southend-on-Sea.

Bims said her reason for taking part in the programme was twofold: "Not only did I want to learn about what goes on at YMCAs at a grassroots level but I also have a personal motivation as I was in care up to the age of 14 and was intrigued to see whether the high standard of help and support I received is still out there for young people who need it today".

At Wimbledon's YMCA on The Broadway, Bims worked alongside the Housekeeping staff for a day, under the supervision of Maureen McShane, who has worked for YMCA LSW for almost 40 years.

Richard James, Chief Executive of YMCA LSW, said:  "Maureen's unwavering commitment to keeping YMCA London South West a place where homeless people can be comfortable and at home offers an example of how hardworking our staff and volunteers are across the organisation. Our housekeeping staff do an amazing job, providing vital services of a very high standard to people facing difficult life situations.

"However, hostel accommodation is not a permanent solution to homelessness, and our main focus is always to support people in getting the necessary life skills and training that will enable them to move on to independent living. With your donations, we can help people in need turn their lives around and enable them to start over when they move out of our hostels.

Your donation will go to resident’s resettlement grants and the advancement fund, which is helping people in their transition from supported to independent living".

August 15, 2014

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Maureen McShane (left) and Bims Alalade