Traffic Chaos As Tree Crashes Down Into Merton Park Road

Mature horse chestnut falls down in Mostyn Road

Merton Park tree down

Horse chestnut tree down in Merton Park Road. Pic from @Edward Foley

Rush hour commuters in Merton Park today (May 9) found their way blocked by a horse chestnut tree which had fallen right across the road.

The mature tree, one of many lining Mostyn Road, crashed down in the road before 7.30am.

Luckily no-one was injured, but a TfL 'Incident Response Unit' had to clear the road before it was passable again.

The dramatic photograph above was taken by Merton Park Independent Councillor, Edward Foley.

Resident @thinking_ally Tweeted: "Thank you for alerting us, and what a shame to lose one of the mature horse chestnut trees."

May 9 , 2022